Fall in Love with These Classic Toyota Cars

If you’re a nostalgic like I am, you will easily fall head over heels in love with these classic Toyota models from Japan. The vintage vibe gives off a romantic feel and authentic feel to vehicles, and of you see one on the road today that’s in near-mint condition, you would doubtless be entranced. There is really something unique about old cars, especially these ones!

Publica Convertible – Originally designed as a concept car for Japanese families, it was eventually developed into a luxurious car complete with reclining seats and a heater. There was also a two-door coupe version, but the convertible was definitely the crowd favorite.
SR5 Pickup – It may be a small truck compared to other vintage Toyota pickups, but it was sturdy and it is perhaps one of the most popular because of its appearance in the 80’s movie Back to the Future. Move over, DeLorean!

Celica – I have plenty of respect for people driving the Celica—it means they know what they are doing, and they’re doing it right. First marketed as an affordable sports car for everyone, it got plenty of loyal fans over the years. It was the first car to win Motor Trend Magazine’s “Import Car of the Year” award way back in 1976, and is one of the classic Toyotas that has worked its way into people’s hearts.

Tercel – The Tercel is one of the most iconic subcompacts by Toyota. The Tercel is hands down one of the most fuel-efficient cars back when the energy and oil crisis of the Seventies and Eighties threatened to force people to stop using cars altogether. The Tercel provided affordable mobility for all.
Supra – The apple of every motorsport enthusiast’s eyes, the Supra is definitely an icon, the car that everybody wants but only few manage to get. A Supra zooming by, with its unmistakable and bold “Supra” sticker and its telltale pop-up headlights instantly evokes a collective sigh of awe and desire.

2000GT – What’s even rarer than a mint Supra is a Toyota 2000GT. Finding one and buying it is somewhat akin to the feeling when you win the World Series, all by yourself. The ultimate Japanese supercar, there were only 351 ever made, and one (or is it two) made it to a James Bond film.

Which classic Toyota car is your favorite, and what will you do if you see one?

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